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Out of Many, One (OMO) is a national multicultural coalition that has been advocating for health equity and parity for communities of color since 2000.  OMO works to assure that every ethnic and racial group, regardless of its size or immigration status, has equal access to health care coverage, access and treatment, and that disparities experienced by these groups are eliminated. OMO premises its goals on an understanding that directly collected, self-reported, and disaggregated data are essential to achieve these purposes, and to develop culturally and linguistically appropriate policies and programs to improve the quality of life, health status and health care outcomes of minority populations.

OMO understands that without data on race, ethnicity, gender, and primary language, public and private health care organizations will not be able to design policies and programs that improve health outcomes for communities of color, which compromise 34% of the nation’s population. The below recommendations are supported by our members and others who are part of a Health Data Task Force (HDTF) that meets monthly in Washington, DC. We are ready to work with you and your organization to incorporate these recommendations into legislation and build community support for these initiatives nationwide.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Ruth Perot (email: or call (202) 371-0277) and/or Ms. Jeannette Noltenius (email: or call (202) 328-1313) if you would like to meet with OMO or HDTF members to clarify and/or discuss our recommendations.

  OMO HDTF Health Data Recommendations (62.0 KiB, 2,321 hits)

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