Our colleague Steve Hitov at NHeLP alerted us to this important article in the journal Health Affairs. The article concludes that “Black Medicare beneficiaries used high-mortality hospitals more often than their white peers, despite their geographic proximity to lower-mortality hospitals.Mr. Hitov has this to say about the article:

“An appalling, but timely, reminder that our health care system, while bad for all of us, is worse for some than others.  As we embark on health care reform, we may want to keep this article in mind, and think about health from a broader perspective, one that considers human rights and equality, and not just clinical considerations.  As this article demonstrates, the two are inextricably interrelated, and perhaps (if the election of President Obama is any indication) we are now ready to deal with this ongoing human rights violation in a serious way.  But perhaps not.  That may well depend on whether people like those on this list begin to demand real health care reform, or decide to settle for the current front-runner approach of nibbling around the edges of the decaying carcass that is our health care system.”

See full text of the article here.

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