The overarching goal of this FOA is to solicit innovative research addressing elements of health disparities.  Research focused on disease and/or conditions that disproportionately affect racial/ethnic minorities and other underserved populations is a growing field and has been employed lately in understanding the dynamics contributing to health disparities.  Funding for this FOA will support investigators who propose to conduct health disparities research using its principles to improve health.  The research should take into account the characteristics of health systems and health seeking behaviors that propagate disparities. The focus of the targeted research is diverse and may include racial/ethnic minorities and other health disparity populations (such as, rural and low-income populations).  Several approaches could be used when designing the specific project.  Research aims may include but are not limited to biological, behavioral change strategies, lifestyle factors, environmental, social and structural barriers, economics, institutional and cultural, family influences, delivery system interventions, medical procedures and regimens (including alternative therapy), medical assistive devices and technologies.

Opening Date August 29, 2010.

For more info, go here:

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