Counting Mixed-race America grows ever more complex
New York Times, Feb 9, 2011

As part of a series on mixed-race Americans, the New York Times looks at changes to how racial and ethnicity data is collected for these individuals and how changes in measurement can make assessing racial & ethnic disparities in health, education, housing, etc.  more difficult.

“Despite the federal government’s setting standards more than a decade ago, data on race and ethnicity are being collected and aggregated in an assortment of ways. The lack of uniformity is making comparison and analysis extremely difficult across fields and across time.”


‘“They’re all lumped together — blacks, Asians and Latinos — and they all look the same from the data perspective,” said Daniel J. Losen, a policy expert for the Civil Rights Projectat the University of California, Los Angeles, referring to the Department of Education aggregation. “But the reality is much different. There are different kinds of discrimination experienced by these subgroups.”’

Read the full article here

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