On May 19th Californians will vote  on a series of ballot propositions resulting from a budget deal negotiated  between legislators and the Governor.

The  most harmful of the measures is Proposition 1A.

  • Proposition  1A creates an arbitrary limit on state spending, putting the state on autopilot  with cuts as the only solution.
  • Communities of color, who are less likely to have health insurance through  their employer and who represent almost three-quarters of Medi-Cal and  Healthy Families recipients, will feel the brunt of the cuts if Proposition 1A passes.
  • Proposition  1A also gives the governor unilateral power to make budget cuts without the  approval of the legislature.

All of this in exchange for a mere two years of  temporary tax increases, which won’t take effect until 2011!

Two  other measures will divert money from local health programs to back-fill the  state’s budget deficit.

  • Proposition  1D will divert First 5 tobacco tax funds that currently provide health insurance  to children who would not otherwise be able to get coverage.
  • Proposition  1E will reduce funding to county programs that serve people with mental  illnesses.

Please  vote no on Props 1A, 1D, and 1E!

Let us know  if you took action by emailing Marty Martinez at mmartinez@cpehn.org.

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