Yesterday, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger released two budget proposals of cuts to fill a $15 to $21 billion deficit. These are the same cuts he’s proposed before, including cuts to services for immigrants, cuts to hospitals, and cuts to IHSS, SSI/SSP, and CALWORKS. He also announced that he is requesting a federal waiver to make huge reductions to Medi-Cal that are currently not allowed by federal law. You can find a summary of the cuts at the California Budget Project.

The Governor is threatening even more cuts if Proposition 1A doesn’t pass but this is misleading!

Proposition 1A doesn’t even help this year or next year’s budgets.
Proposition 1A gives the Governor unilateral power to make budget cuts, even after the budget’s been passed.

  • Proposition 1A will result in cuts to health programs year after year into the future.
  • Communities of color will be hurt the most by these never-ending cuts. Once these programs are cut or eliminated it will be next to impossible to restore them if Proposition 1A passes.
  • Oppose Proposition 1A, 1D, and 1E by voting NO on May 19!

Also make your voice heard about these harmful cuts by joining hundreds of advocates at the Capitol on Monday May 18 for Immigrant Day. Click here for more information.

Let us know if you took action by emailing Marty Martinez at mmartinez@cpehn.org

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